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I believe a single responsible attorney, working on a select number of cases, provides the dedication, focus and skill needed to succeed and get the best results for your case.  My record of acquittals and pre-trial dismissals confirm it.

Brian H. Getz, Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist

What are my chances of winning?

Criminal cases are fact-intensive, resulting in the need for thorough investigation and preparation before this question can be addressed in a meaningful way. However, any case can be won, and every case deserves careful attention. Contact me for an initial consultation at no charge.

How long will it take until the case is resolved?

There is no “typical” amount of time in which cases are over, but generally cases resolve within 24 months of commencement.

Do you handle cases outside of California?

Yes. I routinely represent clients in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and across the nation. I am experienced in handling cases with overseas origins.

What are your fees for handling my case?

I provide an American Bar Association-approved contract in every case which contains an agreed-upon retainer earned against a reasonable hourly rate. Each contract provides for a refund of any unearned fees. I am fully insured and licensed to practice in Federal Court in all 50 states.