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Brian H Getz has practiced law in San Francisco since 1979, handling criminal cases at trial and on appeal.

Primarily a litigator in federal court, he has handled major felonies in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Houston and Chicago, as well as in District Court in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.

In 2019, Brian Getz was one of seven lawyers who successfully defended the two men charged in the tragic Ghost ship fire, which killed 36 people and resulted in a homicide trial that lasted five months.

In 2019, Mr. Getz persuaded a Santa Clara County jury to acquit his client on multiple felony counts of sexual molestation and assault following a two-week trial.

Recently, Mr. Getz was lead Trial Counsel in United States v Bai, a criminal Anti-Trust jury verdict of not-guilty in a case involving the national sales manager of a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Getz was lead counsel at the criminal trial of U.S. v. AU Optronics CR 09-0110 SI, representing the President and Chief Executive Officer. The jury acquitted his client following two months of testimony and evidence in 2012.

Mr. Getz represented Hardeep Singh, a citizen of Pakistan who was extradited to the United States to face charges carrying a mandatory life sentence. Following seven months of litigation Mr. Getz succeeded in having the case dismissed on procedural grounds. Mr. Getz represented the navigator of the Cosco Busan which struck the Bay Bridge and spilled 58,000 gallons of fuel into the San Francisco Bay. The navigator avoided being convicted following eight months of court proceedings.

Mr. Getz was Trial Counsel in the Western Tax Service prosecution in the Central District of California, the longest jury trial in a tax fraud case in the western states in the last 10 years. Mr. Getz has argued two criminal appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and won both cases. From 1990 to 1992, Mr. Getz was President of the Northern California Criminal Lawyers Association. He has taught legal research and writing at Hastings School of Law.

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